Truth is a pathless land

"In the world of truth there are no lies, in the world of reality there is no illusion, in the world of life there is no conscience which creates us.

All beings dead or alive are the tools in the hands of God and we consider ourselves also a tool in the hands of GOD."

Our simple approach is to provide you that space and environment, in which

  • You can meditate freely.
  • You can get guidance to start meditation.
  • You can get introductory guidance on Vedic texts and Upanishads
  • You can explore your inner journey through silence in nature.
  • You can explore various spiritual and meditation techniques. 
  • You can get knowledge of Kashmir Shaivism and VIGYAN BHAIRAV TANTRA with practical aspect of various meditation techniques. 
  • You can learn Yoga and Pranayama.
  • You can learn Indian Classical Music (Instrumental and Vocals).
  • You can learn about Indian art and history in context of spiritual and religious practices. 

We also welcome all who love nature and seeking silence. This place is only for mediators who love and enjoy their silence and bit aware of themselves and nature. And also for the people who know that they are on path of their journey. 

We have special artist residency program for creative people as musicians, painters, poets, writers who are interested to explore their creativity in the lap of nature with silence and peace.