Ryan Lee is supporting Silence Of Souls Meditation center by sharing his yoga teacher experience.
He left Canada 4 years ago to pursue the path of Yoga. He spent his 20s studying the physical body, exercise, and health completing a degree in Kinesiology then worked in the health field for 2 years. The spiritual path called him to India where he completed a 200 hour training in Hatha Yoga from Rishikesh Yog Peeth in October 2015. He then set out to teach as many people as possible. Equipped with an in depth understanding of human anatomy and physiology the transition to teaching yoga was seamless and a new passion was found. He taught in many settings over the next few years: hostels, beaches and parks to begin with before finding a position in a Yoga Retreat Center in Australia.
He spent 6 months teaching here to students of all different experience levels and received mentorship from many experienced teachers. After travels through South East Asia, where he taught in several resorts and hostels, he returned to India to deepen his yoga studies. In India he found his teacher and spent several months in intense practice of Iyengar yoga, furthering his understanding of the yoga poses and the body. His India travels eventually led him to retreat into the peaceful nature at Silence of Souls (SOS) Ashram, a place to deepen his yoga and meditation studies with Vimal (SOS founder) as his mentor and friend. He is now excited to share his experience while teaching at the upcoming Yoga and Meditation retreat at SOS. 
Meditation has also been a major focus during his travels, completing 4 Vipassana courses in the Tradition of S.N. Goenka and a 21 day Mindfulness Meditation Retreat In Thailand.
Ryan teaches Hatha yoga with in depth alignment cues, while still maintaining a meditative flow. During the retreat the morning classes will be slower paced traditional Hatha yoga with more emphasis on alignment while the evening classes will be a faster paced Hatha flow.

EDUCATION & Profession

  • 200 Hour Yoga Teacher
  • Kinesiologist
  • Body Worker (Thai and Balinese Massage




Truth is a pathless land

"In the world of truth there are no lies, in the world of reality there is no illusion, in the world of life there is no conscience which creates us.

All beings dead or alive are the tools in the hands of God and we consider ourselves also a tool in the hands of GOD."

Our simple approach is to provide you that space and environment, in which

  • You can meditate freely.
  • You can get guidance to start meditation.
  • You can get introductory guidance on Vedic texts and Upanishads
  • You can explore your inner journey through silence in nature.
  • You can explore various spiritual and meditation techniques. 
  • You can get knowledge of Kashmir Shaivism and VIGYAN BHAIRAV TANTRA with practical aspect of various meditation techniques. 
  • You can learn Yoga and Pranayama.
  • You can learn Indian Classical Music (Instrumental and Vocals).
  • You can learn about Indian art and history in context of spiritual and religious practices. 

We also welcome all who love nature and seeking silence. This place is only for mediators who love and enjoy their silence and bit aware of themselves and nature. And also for the people who know that they are on path of their journey. 

We have special artist residency program for creative people as musicians, painters, poets, writers who are interested to explore their creativity in the lap of nature with silence and peace.

In 1963, VIMLESH was born in beautiful town Almora in Uttarakhand, India. Being born in Brahmin family, every generation has to carry- forward the ancient knowledge from his elders.


At the age of 4 he was sent to ashram of famous environmentalist 'Shri Sundar Lal Bahuguna' and was returned back when he was nine years old. After that with grace he spent most of his childhood in presence of grandfather; who was the famous priest/learned scholar of that age and also in the presence of saints of the era.

From 1977 to 1984, he stayed in 'Divine Life Society', Sivananda ashram, Rishikesh in the presence of Swami Chidanada Ji, Swami Krishnananda Ji, Swami Chandra Shekharananda Ji and Swami Ramaswarupananda Ji Maharaj. 

After leaving ashram, he was living life of 'GRASTH ASHRAM' and was fulfilling his social and family responsibilities. 

He was always having the dream to bring art, music and meditation at one place and his dream got realized in 2014, when he created a small place in Himalayas as a retreat center, where people are coming from different parts of the world to share and learn the knowledge through music, art and meditation.

He is a self-learned musician, creating and composing the world music on spiritual, intellectual and social themes, with influence of Indian contemporary music and Indian classical music instruments. ‘Silence Of Souls’ was also a fusion band for which Vimlesh, as a composer, was a major contributor.


  • Active member of Indian Band named ‘Explorer’, formed in 1986.
  • Traveled across India for performances for 8 years with band.
  • In 1990, started journey as an IT professional for 26 years and travelled various parts of world. 
  • Again Started his music journey in 2010, formed a band ‘The Silence Of Souls’
  • Major Concert in 2011 in “Youth Festival’ Delhi at Central Park
  • Concert at Asian devotional Music Festival - ‘Bhakti Mohatsav’ 2012 – Nehru Park, Delhi
  • Concert to promote Sanskrit language and culture at Amity University, Greater Noida – 2013
  • Formed a Music, Art & Meditation Center - 2014

Spiritual practices and Guidance

He is guiding and helping seekers from all over the world and friends at SOS meditation center for-

  • Helping to learn Indian Music
  • Spiritual Practices
  • Introducing meditation techniques appropriate as per individual consciousness
  • Sharing Philosophical and spiritual experiences on-
    • Vedic text – Vedas and Upanishads
    • Kashmir Shaivism
    • Buddhisim

EDUCATION & Profession

  • Bachelor in Arts
  • Post Graduate in Earth Sciences
  • Diploma in Computer Sciences
  • Served IT industry for 26 Years

Music Band 

‘Silence Of Souls’ aka SOS was also a fusion band for which Vimlesh, as a composer, was a major contributor. For the band he also contributed his music through vocals, lyricist and instrumentation.  Band was composing music in context of spiritual, intellectual and social. Band has performed in major music festivals in India, highlighting/focusing on ancient Vedic, Sufi and Buddhist HYMNS.

Music Classes 

Vimlesh is regularly conducting music classes for village children as on voluntary basis to spread the knowledge Indian music in various styles as-

  • Chanting of Vedic hymns
  • Indian classical music- Vocal, Harmonium, Sitar
  • Hymns of Buddha

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Her extraordinary journey started in 2011 when she left her day job for deeper search of self and landed up in small village of Indian Himalayas, unaware that this small village will become her home and SADHANA place, after few years. Before that she was living a metro life and was working in technology industry and served  various MNC's like Reliance, Infosys, IBM and Tech Mahindra . But she says that the deeper meaning of life was still missing.

In 2014 she moved to her small house in this village for further SADHANA and to go more deep inside. And the mystery started unfolding it's patterns . With more deep insight and meditation visions, she decided to paint these visions and thus the art journey started.

Later to expand her horizon did a course in Indian Art History and also learned painting skills from masters. 

For most of her art work she has chosen traditional painting methods by working on oils and acrylics . Her Art work is based on the context of Vedic Indian, ancient scripture, philosophy which covers explanation of cosmic and personal consciousness, illusion and reality, ignorance and knowledge. Practical application of spirituality and the preparation for one’s final journey is widely seen in her work which also indicates approaches to  attain immortality – freedom from the cycle of birth and death.

Now she is meditation teacher, artist and co-founder of Silence Of Souls Art and Meditation Center which is a place for various seekers, musicians and creative people from all over the world.

Her art work is published in literary books and  featured in various magazines.


  • Recent Interview (2019)- Life journey with paintings published in German Magazine - YOGA AKTUELL (Edition-117).
  • Inner Quest (2018)  Published as cover page of ‘ANTAR KI UDAN’ – Autobiography of Sh. Yogesh Chandra Bahuguna.
  • Final Dissolution (2018) Published as cover page of LOKGANGA Magazine. Magazine is running from last 20 years in INDIA.
  • Infinity of wholeness (2017) – Featured in children’s magazine.

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  • Certificate in Visionary Art - The Vienna Academy Of Visionary Art (2019)

  • Certificate (Online course) - Indian Art: A History – University of Oxford (2018)

  • Masters in Computer Sciences – Guru Jambeshwar University (2005)

  • Bachelor of Sciences – University of Jammu (2001)