'Silence Of Souls'  is joining Silence with our Souls, which can only be experience individually by a seeker who is connected with self. 

As a seekers, we always search for a place, where we can just be ourselves. Hence, SOS is a place where you can meditate freely in the presence of nature. We are inclined in providing spiritual refuge to all those who seek peace, freedom of mind from external world.

SOS help seekers to explore their inner journey of consciousness. We offer, traditional YOGA and Meditation retreats to explore purpose of life, besides the achievements related to materialistic world.

We believe on Vedic tradition and follow traditional yoga system to achieve physical, mental spiritual wellbeing, and self-realization through spiritual Journey.

Why Silence?

 Most of us think that the purpose of our lives is to gather more and more information, to understand about the world, people and even ourselves. But gaining this information is a never ending process and in that process, we build more concepts and our own pre-defined perceptions, make our life more complicated; we call it richer but deep down it is miserable.

In the whole process we forget that all of that is “a numbers game and however high the number – it is always limited.” Everything is limtless and how much of the information we collect- it is limited, limited by our own conditioning." Meanwhile we exhaust ourselves and become restless in order to achieve.

Like the sleep we take in the night, which relaxes our whole body, relaxes our mind for a while. Our body is trained to relax in the silent sleep to gain 'Prana'(Life energy). Everytime we speak, we loose that life energery and by Observing Silence we gain more life energy. 

Silence is a very old tradition and was generally practiced in simple tasks and by observing the breath to rejuvenate our body and mind. Once our body and mind is calm with minimum thoughts, we can explore our inner self, we can explore that silence within us which can lead us to present moment with state of mindfulness.